Malcolm X Arts & Academics School Murals
A collaborative project with students and Artify Ashby muralists, these
elementary school students each designed and painted their own mural panels.
Each student's panel is painted with acrylics on 4' x 4' plywood panels.

Fantastic Creature Illustrations
Assignment from 6th & 7th grade classes at Pacific Academy. Students drew
creatures & environments using colored pencil, tempera paint, or watercolor.

Design Motifs & Repeating Patterns
Examples from 7th & 8th graders at Pacific Academy School, Richmond CA
Students applied 4 design principles, Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Unity.
Patterns were scanned, resized and repeated to create "wallpaper textures".

AnimaJam from Malcolm X Elementary School, Berkeley CA
4th grade students in a 10 session after school class created their own
characters and combined their sequences to create one story.

Flash Animation from Julia Morgan School, Oakland CA
Middle School students drew animated sequences, scanned and prepared
animations in Flash. Each summer session class was 1 week long.

Animations form Turtle Rock Institute, Corte Madera, CA
A sampling of projects created by 4th-6th grade students in a summer program.
Students made flip books, scanned art, selected sounds, and used a computer
with Flash and Photoshop to complete their animated sequences.