Countdown 2010
An illustrated Flash intro created for Free Range Graphics
for Countdown 2010, Halting the Loss of Biodiversity in Europe.
for more info, go to:

One of the hundreds of animations I helped to create as lead artist
for this computer simulation game produced for Maxis Software.
The images were rotoscoped with Director and rendered in Photoshop.

A personal project created entirely with drawing tools in Flash

Time Out
An early attempt at character animation and using Flash.
This character was rendered in Photoshop from sketches provided to me.
The project was for a program to reduce RSI among computer users.

Weather and Water
One of a series of interactive sequences created with Flash & Illustrator.
This was created for ScienceView for use in Middle School Science classes.
For info about ScienceView, go to:

Middle School Math
This is one of a series of animations I created for to visually demonstrate mathematical theories and concepts to Middle School students.
For info about Agilemind, go to:

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